Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions relating to our services.

Please contact us to answer any other questions you may have.

Most of our Ainsworth and Investo branded products are made by us here in Sydney, including the blending of stones and gypsums, polishing compounds and abrasives as well as prophylaxis paste, dental waxes, as well as specialist wax for the wine industry, and lube wax.

We do sell to account holders if they are dental laboratories, however typically we will supply customers through our extensive network of professional and helpful partners as listed on the ‘Distributors’ page of this site.

Generally all our products are in stock. However, in the unusual event that they are not in stock or stock levels are low, then we are able to quickly manufacture them if necessary. We also hold a good level of stock of all our partners’ products where we act as the local wholesaler, and only in exceptional circumstances are they on back order.

If you are a dental retailer/dealer, or dental laboratory then you can contact us by email requesting an account set-up form, and we will send this across to you for completion.


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